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Do you ship internationally?

Yes. For international orders please contact:

What are the benefits of Stackable Resistance Band TUT Plates™?

The TUT system is a new breakthrough in strength and cardio training, which uses an industry-first, patented stackable resistance band based TUT Plates™ in 2, 5,10,20, 40 lb. increments instead of metal weights. When loaded onto the TUT Trainer, TUT Plates allow for up to 200 lbs. of resistance to target every muscle, to increase or decrease loads throughout the entire length of a rep, resulting in a higher caloric burn without pressure to the joints and tendons.  We cycle tested the TUT Plates™ to over 12,000 constant cycles without failure.


What is Time Under Tension?
Time-Under-Tension (TUT) is the amount of time a muscle is held under strain during a set. It  has been utilized by professional athletes like Tom Brady and some of the world’s top performance coaches and trainers for years.


Can anyone use the TUT Gym and TUT Rower?  

Yes. We've designed high performance and safe,  easy to use fitness products, that integrate into any home fitness environment or training routine,  either at the pro or amateur level,  or as part of a physiotherapy or rehabilitation program. Please refer to our TUT Fitness user manual and install instructions before embarking on your fitness journey. Currently the TUT systems offers up to 250 exercises, however this is changing all the time due to members (customers & trainers) in the TUT community constantly creating new ways to use our versatile products. You are only limited by your imagination.  Everything from squats, bench press,  single one armed curls, preacher curls,  straight bar arm curls, tricep push downs,  rowing,  lunges,  shoulder press etc.  What will you do with it?

How does the TUT Training system compare to traditional gym equipment (ie. other cable gyms and regular gym equipment)?


Is the TUT Trainer easy to install?

Yes. Installation is simple and DIY (Do-It-Yourself), especially since it is so light and nimble. We’ve also created a great installation video: that helps you every step of the way.

Approximate Install Times:

Wood Studs - Set-up time (under 60 minutes)
Door Frame Using Clamps (sold separately) - Set-up time (under 30 minutes)

IMPORTANT - While installation does not require a certified installer, if you’re at all concerned (ie, finding wooden wall studs is not something you’re comfortable with, or you have steel studs), we highly recommend getting some help through a service like Handy or Task Rabbit.


What’s TUT’s warranty and return policy?
We have a 30 Day return policy on unopened items, with a 20% restocking fee for opened items in that same time frame. Customer is responsible for return shipping costs. Please contact for more information.

TUT Fitness offers a 1-year warranty against factory defects or failures, normal wear and tear are not covered.

Please remember to roll/rotate your TUT Plates™ (resistance bands) to keep them fresh!

We recommend replacing your TUT Resistance Plates every 2 years with normal use, and every year for higher volume users (if you think you are, you probably are). You may order additional TUT Resistance Plates here.