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Our Story


Level 2 Canadian Olympic Boxing Coach

Strength and Conditioning Coach


Growing up in farm country in Canada, Brian fell in love with sports and training at an early age. Brian played football basketball, baseball and boxing throughout his life, his last fight taking place in 2015. Throughout Brian has always sought more efficient and optimal training techniques. His first invention in 2006, the HiTrainer, was the first machine using HIIT protocols as well as being able to give extensive data for users sprinting. It met with tremendous success, and is relied upon daily used by numerous professional champion fighters, the Dallas Mavericks, Cleveland cavaliers, Tennessee Titans and Montreal Canadiens to name but a few. The HiTrainer is used by the Canadian Special Forces with training protocols developed specifically for their needs. The Rove is the next advancement in optimized training that increases strength, muscle twitch speed and endurance. Enjoy the result of all this Training and machine design experience allowing you to train like the pros in your own home or office!